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Clash Royale League Challenge Best Decks & Strategy for Getting 20 Wins

18 Sep 2020

Looking for the most effective Clash Royale League Challenge decks to induce you to twenty wins? look into our list of top performing decks and techniques for using them, here. Clash Royale's League Challenge started out just hours ago, and if you're aiming to participate within the five-day qualification event, you will be wondering which [...]

How to download or save photos from Instagram

3 Jul 2020

Instagram’s more than one billion users upload over 100 million photos to Instagram every day. If you’re one of the billion, It’s not surprising to want to save Instagram photos and use them for yourself. The good news is that you can. Whether creating a personal travel bucket list album, or saving your personal Instagram [...]

How to Get Famous on TikTok? Get More Followers/Fans, Likes, Comments & Views

28 Jun 2020

Do you want to go viral on TikTok and become Tiktok star on Tiktok? Getting famous on tiktok is a great way to become star in real life too as you will become famous personality by becoming tiktok star. As you will be a celebrity and people will love to follow you so in order [...]

How to Deactivate or Delete Instagram Account from PC and Mobile

16 Jun 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos and short videos. We can say it a social media jam. It’s a happy space for you or at least it used to be. Instagram has changed significantly over the years. There are adverts all over and now it seems more like Snapchat and [...]

How to send a message on TikTok [Easy Guide: With Pictures]

4 Jun 2020

Sending messages to your favorite star on TikTok is easier for you and you can start communicating with your favourite star now within few minutes. One of the comprehensive features which TikTok offers in its application is that it allows its users to send messages to other users they follow. This facility lets you to [...]

Clash of Clans: When Is Gladiator Barbarian King Skin coming back?

4 May 2019

The new season challenges have brought revolution to the game's revenue. As by the reports, the revenue of the game increased by 145% last month. Clash of Clans become the highest grossing game in the US play store last month. Will they stop introducing more skins? No! As long as the skins are bringing them [...]

Clash of Clans: TH9 Anti 3-star War Base Layout May 2019

3 May 2019

Having a good layout has a great impact on the result of an attack. Today I have brought to you best war layout for TH9.  This base showed some good result in a do or die war for my clan. About 4-5 attacks were wasted on this base none of them were successful in even [...]

Top 3 Myths about Clash of Clans

3 May 2019

Today I will put to rest some myths that I see perpetuated around the Clash of Clans community continually. This has been going on for years and once and for all I wanted to help dispel these rumors and misconceptions about the clouds and trophy hunting. This is verified the information directly from Darian The [...]

Clash of Clans: Town Hall 8/TH8 Upgrade Order 2019

3 May 2019

Knowing the right upgrade order for your new town hall is important. A lot of things have changed in the last few years for TH8. There are two things you need to remember before you move on to the new TH8: Make sure your base is maxed out. It includes all walls, defense, and your [...]