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How to Download and Use TikTok on Android/iOS?

Whether you are an android or iOS user you have to install it first on your device for that you can go to app store if you are an iOS user and if you are an Android user then you need to go to Play Store to download and install it. You can also find its from to download and install it and start using it.

What Does [TikTok] App Permission States ?

While downloading it states in more information about this app that according to its latest version 16.0.4 it may access your camera, contacts in your phone, microphone in order to record the audio in the background of your videos and storage of your device so you can also access these videos to upload and share it publicly and with your friends.

What are the Functions and Features of TikTok?

It is rated for the users of age 12+ which comes along parental guidance. It allows you to watch millions of videos of the users you like and you are following in case you are a new user to tiktok you will start getting random videos of famous videos or trending videos going viral on tiktok with most likes and comments.

On this app you can not only get entertained and inspired by a global community but also enjoy the creativity, their talent, amazing moments and knowledge/ideas of millions of creators.

Download TikTok App on iOS/Android From here:

Here is given below a link to download latest and updated version of TikTok App that you can download and install on your device if you an iOS user.

Here is given below a link to download latest and updated version of TikTok App that you can download and install on your device if you an android user.

Here are some best features of TikTok:

  • You can do much more on TikTok by uploading your video on it as you can carry messages in your videos too.
  • You can use front and back camera to record your videos.
  • While discovering videos from endless categories you can make videos while dancing, jumping, Food, Vlog, Food,Playing with your animals and much more.
  • As here you can use free editing tools that comes along with options to trim, merge, duplicate and cut videos.
  • You can use free 100 plus emoji, stickers and face filters to make your videos more interesting.
  • Truth is that most of the show off stuff is going on TikTok so you Need to show up on TikTok.

Is it Possible to Find a Friend on TikTok?

Yes, You can also find sometime friends on TikTok If you follow someone and they start following you back then both of users can send message to each other and become friends in real life too. so its great opportunity in quarantine as well as you can find a friend on such an entertaining platform and impress your audience and also find friends on TikTok.

Want to show your love for tiktok?

If you love tiktok app and want to show your love for it you can share its amazing logo on your social profile and daily use items like shirts and tea cup etc. So look for here best design and logo of tiktok and spread tiktok love.

10 Oct 2020