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Ark Oviraptor Guide - How do you feed an Oviraptor?

The Oviraptor Philodator is a predatory egg taking dinosaur from the late Cretaceous time frame that has a touchy disposition. An Ark Oviraptor Guide while slippery, is quite cumbersome and can frequently pass up making. A boisterous clamor when it is going to escape as being compromised. Any capacity will make it flee from peril.

These animals can be seen strolling around, evidently looking. For eggs that it can poach for a tidbit. When drawn nearer by a human, these animals will shout out and run the extent that they can rapidly until they have a sense of security.

Clans have had the option to use this animals partiality for eggs and an abnormal association with rearing to make the egg layers and reproducing subdues become more productive.

Oviraptor Philodator is a little to-medium measured meat eater, regular in the wildernesses and sea shores of the island. Notwithstanding being a carnivore, Ark Oviraptor Guide essential wellspring of food is eggs, which it takes from homes. In contrast to some other animal, Oviraptor is by all accounts ready to clandestinely take these oviraptor ark crystal isles generally without drawing in the consideration of the furious mother.

In a unimaginable accomplishment of normal determination, Soma Prime Builds appears to produce a compound pheromone that influences numerous animals as a Spanish fly. Mated animals are significantly more prone to... "make" new eggs while Ark Oviraptor Guide is near, which permits the oviraptor to continue on ahead unperturbed.


Ark Oviraptor Guide

Dossier Summary

Notwithstanding being named a carnivore. These animals lean toward eggs over a wide range of food and can normally. Be seen attempting to take some off of different animals and even clans.

The Oviraptor is equipped for delivering a pheromone that fills. A sexual enhancer which makes animals lay more eggs and lifts. The viability of vertebrate reproducing.

Albeit the Ark Oviraptor Guide is too little to even think about battling or be ridden by survivors. They assume a gigantic part with regards to making animals breed. Produce eggs which clans use for preparing nourishment. For themselves or kibble for subduing.

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1) Oviraptor Buff

The Pheromone that Ark Oviraptor Guide discharge causes egg layers to lay eggs all the more oftentimes and for subdues that are mating to have a more productive meeting.

This is initiated by setting the Oviraptor on meander and to evade from losing it, you can trap it in an enclosure or designs.

2) Snatch Egg

Instructing an Oviraptor to assault an egg will send it to go snatch the egg and securely take it back to you at a fast speed.

How do you use the Oviraptor in Ark?

Egg Stealer

Being a characteristic egg tracker, Ark Oviraptor Guide can take eggs for clans that need them when they don't have any animals that can lay the eggs for them.

Breeding Booster

The Oviraptor exceptionally impacts the rate at which eggs are dropped by subdues, particularly when mate supported.

How to Tame Oviraptor?

Since the Ark Oviraptor Guide is exceptionally quick on its feet, it is fitting to utilize a bola prior to endeavoring to take it out yet utilizing a solid subduing weapon is fit for taking these out with one hit.

Oviraptors will possibly eat eggs when being subdued and the greater the egg, the better the restraining productivity.


Other Food

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  • Quetzal Egg
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  • Oviraptor Egg
  • Different Eggs


Ark Oviraptor Guide

Not Rideable

Oviraptors can't be ridden by survivors and don't have any seats that can be worn.



It is workable for two Ark Oviraptor Guide to mate, bringing about the female dropping a Fertilized Oviraptor Egg that can be distinguished by its green tone with whitish dark spots on it.


Assets Harvested From Oviraptor Body

  • Cover up
  • Crude Meat


Oviraptor can generally be found. Dim buckles or deserted remnants.

Maps where the Oviraptor spawns:

  • The Island
  • The Center
  • Ragnarok
  • Elimination
  • Valguero

Oviraptor Spawn Location:

The following are spawn maps where the Ark Oviraptor Guide can be found

  • The Island
  • The Center
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
16 Mar 2021