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Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Upgrade [Guide]

LEAD YOUR CLAN TO VICTORY TODAY! Here comes the full guide of clash of clans TH8 upgrade and by following this guide you will be able to upgrade your level in clash of clans in a great way and this base will really help you in defending your base from attack by other clans and also damage the clans of your enemies. You can also read the full guide here about COC TH9 upgrade Anti 3-star War Base Layout.

So keep reading and enjoy playing Clash of Clans, here we start now follow the 

Starting from start as its a war based game and for that we would need to keep our resources likes (Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, Gems and Coins) so that you can upgrade your army and other resources. You can buy or upgrade attacking weapons from the game store and upgrade them and also build the wall. In case whenever enemy attacks on our base we are able to defend our base and attack back on the enemy.

When to Upgrade

This guide will be intended for somebody who's expecting to War at a good level. You should make the change from Townhall 7 to 8 once you've maximized your hostile soldiers that you use. Pigs, Dragons and Healers are presumably the main overhauls at Townhall 7 as we'll be utilizing them a great deal at Townhall 8! Maxing is additionally acceptable and will make you extremely solid both obnoxiously and protectively against other TH7s just as giving you a simpler beginning to TH8.

Not somebody who likes to war? That is fine. Overhaul when you're prepared. City center 8 offers additional CC space just as some energizing new soldiers! Pick your own experience. With the less late overhaul time lessen, Townhall 8 can be pushed to the limit in an altogether more limited time.

What to Upgrade/Build first

Each Townhall has it's needs. City center 8 doesn't accompany another Spell Factory/Army Camp Level, so the Upgrade Priority will be somewhat extraordinary to past Townhalls. The best spot to begin is with the accompanying updates:

1. Laboratory

Why? New troop levels! By Townhall 8 you ought to have in any event 4 developers (Maybe even 5), so I'm putting four primary overhaul needs on here. The laboratory similarly as with each other Townhall, gives you admittance to new Upgrades. We'll cover what to update in the Lab later in this guide, however there's numerous incredible redesigns!

Professional Tip: If you didn't max your Lab at Townhall 7, you can begin an Upgrade in the Lab prior to redesigning it and it will proceed with Research while updating.

2. Clan Castle

Why? +1 Spell Capacity - As well as +5 Troop Space - which means you would now be able to house an extravagant new P.E.K.K.A! Dark Spells are every one of the 1 lodging space, so you can store ones you can't access in your new Dark Spell Factory! Toxin Spells are valuable in practically all situations - They harm and hinder CC troops or Skeletons. We'll connect on Dark Spells later in this guide.

Genius: You actually approach Clan Castle troops completely while it's updating, so that is another incredible advantage!

3. Dark Spell Factory

Why? New Spells! Just as new Spells, you pick up +1 Spell Capacity - to store these extravagant new Dark Spells. Furthermore, what's far superior is that you can in any case utilize your normal Elixir Spells while your Dark Spell Factory is Building/Upgrading. After development is finished, you will access the Poison Spell - Mainly Used to help slaughter adversary Clan Castle troops. Redesigning the Dark Spell Factory will give you admittance to the Earthquake Spell - Used to bargain harm to structures.

Con: When redesigning the Dark Spell Factory, you won't approach other Dark Spells.

4. Dark Barracks

Why? Two New Dark Troops! City center 8 not just gives you admittance to another Dark Barrack (decreasing preparing season of Dark Troops), yet additionally permits you to overhaul you're flow one TWICE! That's right, truth is stranger than fiction - you would now be able to access Valkyrie and Golems. Putting and Upgrading the New/Current Dark Barracks is a High Priority Upgrade. Two Level 4 Dark Barracks should be perhaps the most elevated need at Townhall 8 as it permit you to open the new troops - which are amazing particularly on the off chance that you need to war.

Also Important:

Barbarian King: I avoided this with regards to the primary needs since you'll have a lot of time to Upgrade the King at Townhall 8 as it just gains an extra 5 levels. You'll most likely wind up going to Townhall 8 with max Dark Elixir Storage meaning you'll just need 2 500 Dark Elixir to Upgrade the King to 6. Information: When redesigning the Townhall, it permits you to store an extra 2 500 Dark Elixir without overhauling your storage.

Dark Elixir Storage: You get two Dark Elixir Storage Upgrades at Townhall 8, and you need to do them to Upgrade the King (after Level 6) just as all Hogs, Valkyries and Golems.

New Gold/Elixir Storage: Finally, unexpectedly since Townhall 3 we are at long last getting a new Gold and Elixir Storage! This can be moved up to similar level as different storages.

2nd Dark Elixir Drill - This is an incredible Upgrade to do - permitting you to gather more Dark Elixir consistently! This will likewise help you max your Barbarian King quicker so it's a smart thought to get it redesigned as a need.

Lab Upgrades

There is no "correct" overhaul request for the lab as meta is continually changing and it's about close to home inclination, however this guide will give you a few pointers in what to Upgrade and When.

  • Something VERY significant - Try to ALWAYS prop your Lab up. On the off chance that you Lab is turned off, you are sitting around. In the event that you don't have the assets, ranch.
  • As a new Townhall 8, the need should be Hog Riders. These marvels are a wonderful troop in war. They make up two of the best Townhall 8 war comps - GoHoBo and GoVaHo. We can speak more about what these mean later.
  • Mythical serpents are likewise an incredible redesign. They are still entirely feasible to use in war and later on when you have scarcely any Elixir redesigns left, you can utilize DragLoon for cultivating.
  • Spells are additionally exceptionally critical at Townhall 8, contrasted with past Townhalls. You need Heal Spells for Hogs, Lightning for ZapQuake (A Dragon Army) and Rage Spells for pretty much anything!
  • Barbarians and Archers are not a "need", but rather are valuable for the Farming Comp "Barch".
  • Zero in on getting troop Upgrades for two strong war armed forces, so you have a little variaty of war comps you can utilize. Utilizing precisely the same armed force each and every war will get exhausting.

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Alright, much obliged for perusing! That is my Guide to TH8. This is my first guide, so it's a long way from awesome. That is the reason I need the input from the individuals of this Sub!

This implies updating troops that will help you 3 star in war, and zeroing in on safeguards that will help keep you from being 3 featured, not guards that help shield you from cultivating assaults.

Redesigning the Clan Castle early is valuable since it builds your guarded strength and permits you to win bigger measures of plunder in Clan Wars. At Town Hall 8, you ought to have the option to hit focuses on that reward more plunder than your old Clan Castle can hold, so you need to lift this constraint right off the bat in the TH8 leveling measure.

5 Nov 2021