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How to Complete Destiny 2 Pain and Gain Exotic Quest

Regardless of whether you're new to Destiny 2 or a veteran, one of the principal missions you'll probably run over in Shadowkeep is Pain and Gain. This mission rewards you with the Riskrunner colorful SMG and the Riskrunner Catalyst, which makes the weapon considerably more remarkable. Considering this mission chain doesn't need a lot of exertion, it's totally worth doing immediately.

One thing to consider

The Riskrunner remunerated for this mission is a Powerful form, which implies it accompanies an altogether higher light level than what ought to typically drop for you. Without getting into the low down, Powerful drops are in some cases best left for after you've arrived at the new delicate cap of light level 900. When you arrive, just Powerful plunder will be a redesign for you. In the event that you truly need to min-max your crushing, it very well may merit holding up until you're 900 preceding snatching Riskrunner to guarantee that it's the most impressive form you can get. Or then again you can simply get it now since it's cool as hellfire.

Destiny 2 Pain and Gain and Riskrunner Guide

Before you can take on Pain and Gain, you need to finish the main story mission for the Shadowkeep extension. This is straightforward: Just go to the Moon and the mission will consequently start.

Whenever you've finished it, you can make a beeline for the Tower. Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, will have the Pain and Gain mission hanging tight for you. Finishing this initial step of the mission is ludicrously straightforward and requires doing every day exercises that any veteran will barrage through effortlessly. In case you're new, here's a more explicit breakdown:

  • Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ: This is simple. Head to Earth and search for the images that appear as though an entryway with a spot in them dissipated all through the guide. Every one prompts a little smaller than normal prison with a manager toward the end. Execute the chief, plunder the chest, and you're finished.
  • Heroic Public Event finished: Public Events bring forth occasionally over each zone, yet setting off their Heroic form requires satisfying explicit models. Veteran players frequently do this naturally, yet you can likewise look into the Heroic necessities for every event.
  • Nightfall Strike finished: These are more troublesome adaptations of ordinary strikes that can be gotten to from the Vanguard playlist in the Director menu. You'll require two companions, however, since they don't have matchmaking.


Stage 1 – Joy In Suffering

To get the mission, you need to visit Banshee-44. After you have it, you'll need to contend three unique exercises. First is a Lost Sector in the EDZ, not enormously trying for any Guardian. Simply head to the EDZ and pick the Lost Sector you extravagant finishing. Perhaps do one you haven't to make sure you can tick it off?

The following movement is any Heroic Public Event. Public Events are all over, and you'll in all likelihood go over one while on the EDZ. Complete that, and afterward move onto the lone genuine test for this journey step.

The last movement is a Nightfall Strike. These were a lot harder without matchmaking, yet now it's there, you can collaborate with a couple of Guardians and get moving. The solitary difficulty you may have is an absence of Power Level. In the event that that is the situation, acquire some more, and return later.

Stage 2 – Risk/Reward

This progression of the mission takes you to the Cosmodrome, where you need to murder a Devil Walker. This is the zone that you recollect from Destiny 1, and Destiny 2 New Light Guardians will work through on their approach to gather their boat.

Murder every one of the three Fallen Captains, at that point the Walker, and you'll be fine. Get past the currently open entryway, and complete the hopping puzzle that you'll be given.

Toward the finish of the bouncing riddle, you'll locate a table with an image of a chicken on it. Gather your new weapon, Riskrunner, and decimate the Fallen that at that point begin to attack you.

Stage 3 – Return Home

All you require to do now is head back to the Tower and address Banshee-44. He'll simply stop for a moment to talk with you about Cayde-6, and you should now have your Riskrunner plus its Exotic Catalyst.

Sounds simple right? that is on the grounds that it is. Regardless of whether you just make them even seven days to play Destiny 2, this is a journey worth doing. There's a restricted test, but on the other hand there's a really incredible prize.

Whenever you've finished these three mission steps, the Pain and Gain journey is supplanted by another journey called Risk/Reward. Go into your stock and track this new mission, which takes you to the EDZ on Earth. This mission can be dispatched straightforwardly from the EDZ guide of Earth, and it returns you to the Cosmodrome territory that new Destiny 2 players battle through.

This piece of the journey is anything but difficult to follow. You'll advance toward an enormous front line where an insect tank intermittently produces and you are entrusted with slaughtering three Dusk Captains that likewise generate inconsistently.

Murdering the three captains gives you another mission marker that brings you into a mystery region with a hopping puzzle. Everything here is plainly stamped, so it's truly difficult to get lost. Toward the finish of the hopping puzzle, the journey marker will guide you to get an item on a table that ends up being the Riskrunner SMG.

Subsequent to getting Riskrunner, another section will open up that prompts an extreme chief. Utilize your extravagant new colorful SMG to bring him down (you don't need to, yet for what reason wouldn't you?) and you'll acquire the Riskrunner Catalyst. This thing is somewhat similar to a journey in itself, and by finishing its goals you'll make your Riskrunner significantly more impressive.

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25 Jan 2021