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How To Decide On The Right Casino Game

If you’re just starting off playing casino games, signing up to an online platform is the best option for you. That will give you the convenience of enjoying casino games while on the go, with thousands of titles available in their portfolio. However, it might be a little daunting for players to choose the best games without being familiar with the technology behind them and the adventure they offer.

This casino games guide looks into the types of gamers available out there and how you can choose the perfect option for your needs whenever you’re wagering with the Happy Luke casino online.

Types of Casino Games

Before you start playing casino games, it’s always a good idea to get acquainted with the type of games available. Unfortunately, not every online casino will give you every possible game, so it's best to know the options you have. Some of the most common options include:


  • Online Slots


Slots are the simplest casino games on the market and they’re available at every casino out there. At an online casino, these games use random number generator software to choose the outcome after every spin. The software makes every result independent from the other and gives the player a fair shot to win.


  • Table Games


Table games are highly popular in both land-based and online casinos. Their popularity mainly emanates from their engaging nature and they’ve also been featured in numerous movies. Some of the most popular table games include:

  • Blackjack

Blackjack is among the most popular table games of all time. The game has been around for centuries, attracting millions of players who enjoy the thrill of influencing the outcome of their hands by making different decisions.

The game has a house edge that is as small as 0.5%, but it depends on different variations. However, the gamer can lead to huge losses if you don’t know when to take another card or stand depending on what your dealer is showing.

  • Poker

With several variations available, poker is another highly popular game that has existed for centuries. When playing this game, you can choose when to bet, whether you want to bluff or the sizing to manipulate your fellow players to make mistakes.

  • Craps and Roulette

Roulette and craps are two popular table games that highly rely on chance. The game attracts millions of players trying to gamble using the rolling dice and betting on where a ball will stop after spinning the roulette wheel.

Choosing the Perfect Game for You

If you’re looking for the perfect casino game, there are several things you must consider after familiarizing yourself with the available games.


  • Know Your Interests


Start by understanding your interest in casino games and choose whether you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable game or a challenging experience. Most challenging games require you to have a unique set of skills and abilities, while simple games have easy instructions.

After knowing the kind of games you’re looking for, the next step will be visiting an online casino and choosing the category that serves your needs. For instance, players looking for a challenge should consider strategy games like poker, while those looking for a fun and easy playing experience should opt for slots or roulette.


  • Consider the Odds


Before choosing your game, it’s crucial to first have the complete details. Most games have a return to player percentage published on the site, which translates to the expected wager percentage that any game will return to you in the long run.

While the RTP isn’t the exact value of how much a player can expect to win, a higher RTP means you have a better chance of winning when you play that game. Slots mainly have an RTP ranging between 94% and 96%, but you’ll find some having higher or lower than that.

Table games most range at 98%, but the exact RTP figure can vary. In some games, the RTP might vary depending on your strategy. However, you might also want to consider the volatility of different games, because a highly volatile game tends to pay out less frequently.


  • Minimum Bet


The minimum bet allowed in any casino game is quite important when choosing a game. If you’re working on a tight gambling budget or you’re looking to test out a new betting strategy, consider games with low minimum stakes. That allows you to stake low and enjoy your game for long without risking a lot of money.

Players willing to spend a lot of money shouldn’t be concerned about the minimum bet, but don’t be tempted to wager what you can’t afford to lose. High rollers are willing and able to wager a lot of cash thanks to their huge gambling budgets, taking significant risks.


  • Jackpot Potential


If you’re looking to strike it huge at your casino of choice, check games with the possibility of winning the jackpot. Games like slots feature progressive jackpots, with the prize money reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even games like video poker and blackjack also feature a jackpot element.

8 Mar 2022