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How to download or save photos from Instagram

All you require to know on the best way to download Instagram photographs to your PC or telephone.

Considering how to download Instagram photographs? This is the spot for you. Maybe you've erased the first of the dazzling snap you've transferred to Instagram, or you've even lost your telephone and camera.

Or then again perhaps you neglected to spare subsequent to snapping the picture with your in-application camera, or you need to repost a picture from another person's feed (in the wake of soliciting authorization, obviously) and they don't have the first. This total manual for getting content from Instagram onto your PC, Mac or telephone will fix the issue for you.

While posting pictures on Instagram is a breeze, downloading them isn't so basic. We'll talk you through all the alternatives, from downloading your whole history to utilizing the source code for singular pictures (not so nerd), and the outsider applications that can support you. Utilize the connections on the option to leap to the part you're after.

In the event that you'd prefer to upgrade your photos prior to transferring them to Instagram, you'll have to think about the best photograph altering applications. For more Insta tips, you can likewise observe our manual for how to change the textual style in your Instagram bio, our manual for Instagram text styles, or how to turn on Instagram's dim mode.

While downloading Instagram pictures, it would be ideal if you regard picture possession and remember that while a portion of these strategies permit other clients' pictures to be downloaded, we suggest continually looking for authorization and giving credit where due. For more data on copyright on Instagram, see our article on the best way to repost on Instagram.

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Download Instagram photos to a PC or Mac

Instagram offers no local technique to download singular pictures from your feed, however it permits you to download your record's whole history, including all the photographs and recordings you've transferred as posts or stories. This, the main "official" approach to download your stuff, was acquainted due with security concerns following discussions at parent organization Facebook, and it gives you a connection to download your information.

Step 1. Login and get started

Go to the Instagram site on your program, sign in, at that point click the apparatus symbol to one side of where it says Edit Profile, and pick Privacy and Security.

Step 2. Request download

This will lead you to a page headed Account Privacy. Look down to where it says "Information Download" and snap "Solicitation Download".

Step 3. Get the download link via email

Enter your email and secret phrase once more, affirming the email address to which you need to get the download connection and snap 'next'. Instagram will consequently begin packaging your information into a downloadable bundle and send you a connection by email. They state this can take as long as 48 hours yet we discover the email will in general come through inside an hour or two. The connection just keeps going four days, so pay special mind to it or you'll need to make the solicitation once more.

Step 4. Download your data

Click 'Download Data' in the email whenever it's shown up and you'll be taken to the Instagram webpage to sign in and make the download. You'll get a compress record containing all that you've ever posted, remarked or enjoyed. Concentrate the document to another envelope to keep the few subfolders together in one spot, and you'll discover every one of your pictures, recordings, stories, in addition to a record of every one of your remarks, searches, likes and messages.

You can likewise demand the record through the application: go to your profile, tap the menu symbol in the upper right-hand corner and pick 'Settings'. Select 'Security', 'Download Data', type in your email and secret phrase, at that point tap 'Request Download'.

Save a photo from Instagram to a PC or Mac using the source code

On the off chance that you don't need the issue of downloading your whole history and swimming through maybe better overlooked presents on locate a particular photograph, or in the event that you need a picture from another person's feed having gotten their authorization, you can download singular pictures by going to the code.

01. Find the code

On the Instagram site, click on your ideal photograph to see the full picture. Right snap on the picture (you may need to right-snap or control-click and select 'Open in new tab' contingent upon your program) and snap 'View Page Source' or 'Review component'.

02. Copy the code

Look through the code and discover the segment with the meta property data (you can hit control+f or command+f and look for the "meta property"). You'll discover a line of code starting

03. Save the image

Glue the connection into your program, hit 'Enter', and you'll be taken to a page with the photograph alone. Presently, essentially right-snap or control-click the picture and pick 'Spare Image As'. The default name will be a long stream of numbers so you'll likely need to transform it to something more noteworthy. The cycle can likewise work for recordings relying upon your program.

Bookmark images on Instagram

If you just want to be able to find an image again rather than use it elsewhere, you might find it’s enough to bookmark it. You can bookmark any image on Instagram, whether from an account you follow or not, and you can neatly organise bookmarked images into separate folders for ideas and inspirations, wish lists, dream holiday destinations or whatever you choose – don’t worry, no one else can see your bookmarks.

01. Save to collection

Tap the bookmark symbol beneath any picture and it will turn dark demonstrating the picture has been spared. On the off chance that you need to adopt a Marie Condo strategy to your spared pictures, tap the 'Spare to Collection' message that springs up base left at that point click the + symbol to make an assortment, naming it as your please.

02. View and edit your images

To see or alter your bookmarked pictures, in the application go to your profile, tap the menu symbol at the upper right, and pick 'Spared'. In a program you'll locate the 'Spared' tab over your own feed. From here, you can tap the in addition to symbol to add new assortments or to move a spared photograph to an assortment.

Download images on Instagram with third-party options

In the event that you need the picture off Instagram and the primary alternatives above sound too fiddly or tedious, there's a plenty of outsider choices offering workarounds to download your own pictures and others'. Remember that a portion of these expect admittance to your record information, while others depend on hefty promoting. On the off chance that conceivable we'd prompt utilizing the past arrangements, yet on the off chance that you need the accommodation, these are probably the most mainstream choices.

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DownloadGram is one of the most appealing outsider alternatives regarding security since it doesn't need programming establishment, in addition to it very well may be utilized on the two PCs and mobiles. The disadvantage is that you can just download each picture in turn, yet it accomplishes additionally work for Tik Tok, which is an or more.

01. Go to post

On a work station, go to the Instagram site, discover the image you need, click on the three spots at the upper right over the picture and pick 'Go to Post'.

02. Download image

Duplicate the photograph's URL from your location bar at that point go to DownloadGram's site and glue the URL into the crate. Snap the Download button. At that point, click the subsequent Download picture catch to spare your picture

Different alternatives incorporate  FastSave for Instagram, which offers a quicker application based choice for downloading singular pictures to an Android telephone with no duplicating or gluing required, yet you have to permit the application to get to your information and the promotions can be irritating.

Download multiple images

On the off chance that you need to download more than each picture in turn, you're restricted to utilizing outsider programming, with 4K Stogram and Save-o-gram being two of the most utilized.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram permits you to buy in to a username, hashtag or even an area to download in mass each open picture it finds under that tag with no compelling reason to sign into instagram, yet while it's allowed to buy in to a few feeds, you'll have to pay $10 for a permit for boundless use and chances are you'll end up downloading a huge load of pictures that don't intrigue you.

Download and introduce 4K Stogram on your PC, open the program at that point type an Instagram username, hashtag, or area into the hunt bar. Snap Subscribe, and the program will look and consequently begin downloading all that it finds - you'll discover the pictures accumulating in the 4K Stogram envelope in your PC in subfolders for each search you entered.


In the event that you should be more specific, Save-o-gram permits pictures to be downloaded pictures at the same time as a compress record or separately and charges an erratic $9 following a seven-day preliminary.

Download Instagram Stories Easily

Instagram makes it a lot simpler to download your own accounts – the picture or video in addition to any stickers or text you've overlaid. Simply click on the three vertical specks at the base right of the story and pick 'Spare photograph'. You can discover old stories by heading off to your profile, tapping on the menu symbol and choosing 'Chronicle'. (See our manual for utilizing Instagram Stories here.)

On the off chance that you need a Story from another person's record – and a few picture takers explicitly share pictures for use as backdrop by this implies – you can spare it by taking a screen capture. The secret to hold down one finger on the screen while you do as such to eliminate the Instagram UI and get a perfect shot.

Simply tap and hold anyplace on the screen so the overlay blurs away, which likewise delays the story giving you an opportunity to take the screen capture. With a little finger yoga, keep you finger held down while you take the screen capture, regardless of whether that is by squeezing volume up and lock on an iPhone X, the force and home catches on a Samsung Galaxy, or force and volume down on a Google Pixel.

Once more, remember potential copyright issues if considering taking a screen capture of another person's work.

13 Sep 2021