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How To Duet On TikTok | Easy Steps

At the point when TikTok first came out, perhaps the greatest component was two part harmonies. These enabled you to record your own video close by somebody else's.

In the good 'ol days, this implied that you could sing a two part harmony with Idina Menzel or Michael Buble. Presently, individuals have discovered a wide range of approaches to use the two part harmony include.

You can utilize it to respond to individuals, to make comedic discoursed with your companions, or to show two alternate points of view of a similar occasion. You can even two part harmony with yourself. The conceivable outcomes are restricted distinctly to what you can envision.

On the off chance that you need to two part harmony with somebody on TikTok — including yourself — that individual must have two part harmonies empowered in the security segment of their profile. In the event that they don't, when you attempt to make a two part harmony with one of their recordings, you'll get a warning disclosing to you that you can't.

Something else, however, making a Duet video on TikTok is basic — here's the means by which to do it, utilizing the application for iPhone and Android gadgets.

How to duet on TikTok

1. Open TikTok and discover the video you want to duet with.

2. At the lower part of the sidebar menu on the right, tap the sharing catch — it would appear that a bolt highlighting the right.

3. At the lower part of the "Offer to" menu that springs up, tap "Two part harmony." If it's turned gray out, that individual has disabled Duets for them.

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4. Tap the red catch at the lower part of the screen to begin recording your video. Yours will show up on the left — the other individual's will show up on the right.

5. At the point when you're done, tap the check imprint to one side of the account image.

6. Check your two part harmony to ensure it's as you would prefer, at that point add any stickers or impacts you may need and post it like you would with some other TikTok video.

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17 Nov 2020