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Warframe Nekros Prime Build 2021 [Guide]

While you can buy Nekros Prime Build from the Prime Vault, you are additionally ready to cultivate for and construct it. It takes somewhat more, yet you can set aside cash along these lines. Fortunately there is some cover between the relics for Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime Build, so you ought to have the option to cultivate the two of them together simultaneously.

Nekros is a Warframe with powers taking after a magician who has forces to control the spirits of the living and the groups of the dead.

He is extraordinary compared to other cultivating Warframes in the game and alongside his other ability he can enormously control gatherings of foes either saving his partners or setting up adversaries for a mass butchering.

Soma Prime Builds players see Nekros Prime Build as a one-stunt horse and basically utilize his befoul capacity to expand plunder drops. The master of the dead is, notwithstanding, considerably more than that. He can have high survivability for endgame situations and he even has some crazy group control potential which we will exhibit in our Nekros fabricate.

The ruler of the dead, the soul harvester, the plunder doubler. These are only a portion of the epithets of nekros prime abilities who's been kicking around Warframe since path back in 2013 when he was initially delivered. The last epithet, specifically, is by all accounts the one utilized the most as Nekros is most popular for his profane capacity. Considering that, taking everything into account, there's just a single Nekros Prime Build construct that is important – high reach/high-effectiveness one.

How to Get Nekros?

Nekros Prime Build

Nekros parts might be gotten from effectively slaughtering Lephantis in the Orokin Derelict Assassinate mission found in Derelict on the Star Chart.

His plan might be bought from the Ingame market in the orbiter for 100,000 Credits. Beside cultivating for his parts, Nekros might be purchased in the Ingame market for 375 Platinum. Nekros Prime Build is the excellent variation of Nekros and has a higher measure of energy and shield.

Relics that contain Nekros Prime:

  • Outline: Vaulted: Lith N3, Meso N3, Axi N3 Available: None
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso F1, Axi N5 Available: None
  • Suspension: Vaulted: Lith N1, Lith V4, Meso K1, Meso S3, Neo Z1, Axi G1, Axi N4 Available: None
  • Frameworks: Vaulted: Lith N2, Meso N5, Neo N3, Neo N7 Available: None

The Best Nekros Prime Build

Finding the ideal atmosphere extremity isn't unreasonably simple and exceptionally relies upon how you intend to manage your Nekros.

In the event that you essentially need it to cultivate assets or Endo in a premade gathering, picking a Naramon extremity for Corrosive Projection is the correct decision and will permit you to execute everything somewhat quicker.

However, in the event that you need to utilize your Nekros in various types of settings and constructs, going for Varzarin extremity and Rejuvenation is a helpful move. It will function admirably with your definitive capacity Shadows of the Dead and on the off chance that you are utilizing the Despoil assemble, having that extra recuperate is truly significant.

Main Nekros Prime Build: The Group Farmer

The fundamental motivation behind why Nekros Prime Build is a particularly solid and frequently utilized Warframe is a direct result of his third capacity: Desecrate will permit you to get one more opportunity at plunder after a foe is murdered.

You should simply channel your capacity and utilize your energy to break up the bodies around you. In 54% of the time you'll get another drop, from energy and wellbeing to more credits and mods or even Endo, Life Support, Power Cells and each asset that the particular foe can drop.

The form is really simple and even without all the tainted mods you can get a nice form. Simply get as much proficiency and reach as possible and pick mods that will help you endure. Inaros Build Getting some strength and term will likewise permit you to project Shadows of the Dead every now and then and square assaults if necessary.

The Solo Farmer Nekros Prime Build

Now and then you can't discover a Trinity in the enrollment visit. Once in a while you simply need to join an arbitrary gathering and still ranch some additional assets and credits. In any case, doing as such with the fundamental cultivating assemble is quite extreme.

That is the reason this form develops around the enlarged mod Despoil. Instead of utilizing your energy pool as an asset, you'll utilize your wellbeing pool. Presently for what reason is that better? Great inquiry! As a matter of first importance you no doubt use Rejuvenation, which in examination is path better than Energy Siphon.

Also, wellbeing circle drops are much more normal than energy sphere drops and gratitude. To your Desecrate you will have a great deal of wellbeing circles lying around recuperating. You up and giving you more projects of your third capacity.

Shield of Shadow: The Tank Nekros

Your fourth capacity Shadows of the Dead will restore up to seven foes from the dead battling. For you from here on out until they kick the bucket once more. In the event that you need to ensure they'll endure a long while, add a ton of length. Capacity solidarity to your Nekros Prime Build and consolidate it with Vitality for some endurance.

Likewise utilize your enlarged mod Shield of Shadows, which will divert some harm. You take to your shadows, making you more tanky.

The 6% doesn't sound that much from the outset. Yet recall that EACH of your shadows assimilate that much harm. The event that you have seven shadows strolling around. They do give you 42% harm decrease joined, which is a considerable amount.


Nekros Prime Build

Nekros Prime Build has powers that permit him to harm the spirits of the living. Strike dread into the hearts of his adversaries, abuse the dead. For his own benefit and raise his casualties to do his offering.

His latent capacity is Soul Siphon which awards him 5 wellbeing each time. An adversary bites the dust inside 10 meters of him.

Soul Punch

Nekros assumes responsibility for an adversary and pushes him forward hitting. Any adversaries that it interacts with wrecking them all the while.

This can prove to be useful for driving away explicit adversaries to thump back. Their partners, separate them from a gathering or to toss them to their demises.


Nekros Prime Build makes adversaries in a sweep around him flee from him going in arbitrary ways delivering. Them incapable to assault alongside having decreased protective layer making the defenseless to more harm.

Panic is extraordinary for swarm control just as debilitating adversaries. This can likewise be utilized when trapped in a difficult spot permitting you or your group. To get away or do different activities while foes are running.


Utilizing his control over the dead, Nekros causes fallen adversaries. Their cut off body parts to get an opportunity to drop extra plunder per piece.

One reason Nekros Prime Build is viewed as extraordinary compared to other. Warframes for cultivating is this capacity since it makes all pieces of dead foes drop plunder which implies. The more parts there are the more possibility of getting plunder that you have.

Shadows of the Dead

Conjuring his dull forces to for bringing, Nekros revives adversaries dependent on which ones. He killed as of late making them battle for a restricted measure of time. When their time is up, the revived foes will pass. Desecrate is dynamic, they will drop wellbeing circles.

Nekros Prime Build

Shadows of the Dead is incredible for drawing away foe fire just as aiding. Nekros Prime Build and his crew out by managing harm. This is additionally a decent stock for wellbeing recharging for Nekros and his partners.

5 Mar 2021