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Top Myths about Clash of Clans [UPDATED]

Today I will put to rest some myths that I see perpetuated around the Clash of Clans community continually. This has been going on for years and once and for all I wanted to help dispel these rumors and misconceptions about the clouds and trophy hunting. This is verified the information directly from Darian The Clash of Clans community manager.

Language server

This is the most common myth and the theory is that you can find better offers or bases more quickly by changing the language. People believe if you change the game language to English, Norsk or Chinese you will be put into a different pool of players. This is completely false. It is only one big pool of players and changing the language only changes the language. It will not change the bases you are searching for and you will not see any change by changing the languages.
Some players feel like it worked for them but honestly, it worked for me in the past before. I changed to German the other day and boom!!! immediately I found a base with full collectors and mines. It seemed like it worked because I found a good base but it actually doesn't change it. 
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Your shield status changes the base offers you receive

Some players believe that you will find different offers whether you are on a shield or you are on the village guard or how much time you have left on your shield. It is completely unrelated there is no link between your shield status and the bases you are going to find. That will never alter what base you are going to find. 

If you pass a low trophy offer, you are like to find a better offer next or another base soon

I have heard players that do this all the time. If they receive that minimum trophy offer or if they are a legend league player and they get a 6 trophy offer and click next button they will find a better base, that's untrue. 
If you are passing bases you are giving up trophies to other players. It won't affect your next search It will just make you wait longer.
That's all for today. Drop your views in comments.

More Myths About Clash of Clans:

  • Being th 7/8 makes someone a farming expert and can easily tells everyone with higher town hall levels about how to farm correctly.
  • Level 8 walls are difficult to farm and/or require elixir-for-walls deal. Bonus point : Level 7 walls are difficult to farm.
  • Too much elixir is useless and bad for CoC economy.
  • Inferno tower are overpowered for anyone without Freeze spell. Bonus point : Th 9 needs Freeze spell.
  • Lava hound is useless.
  • You don't need anti-hog base anymore.
  • Healer is useless.
  • Archer Queen is smart.

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12 Mar 2021