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WoW Classic Leatherworking [Guide] Profession and Leveling 1-300

This Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide will show you the quickest and least expensive route how to level your Leatherworking ability up from 1 to 300.

Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide is the best joined with Skinning, and I enthusiastically prescribe to level these callings together. It will be significantly simpler to get the required calfskins on the off chance that you have Skinning. You can likewise purchase the materials at the Auction House, however then you will require a great deal of gold.

Universe of Warcraft Classic Leatherworking Guide, we walk you through the quickest method to step up from 1 as far as possible level 300 Leatherworking Skill. You will need to match this with the Skinning to make it significantly less expensive to step up. Rundown of the materials you will require and furthermore included pictures enumerating where to discover each Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide.

Dangerous Love: World of Warcraft Classic is an import making calling in WoW Classic, offering a few distinctive cowhide reinforcement plans and defensive layer units to guard you decent and. Mavericks and druids are especially enamored with the expertise, as they can exploit the created defensive layer. There are a few unique approaches to arrive at 300, yet this guide ought to get you there in a period and cost-productive way!

This Vanilla Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide aide will tell you the quickest way the best way to level your Leatherworking expertise from 1 to 300 the least expensive way that could be available. leatherworking guide tbc, it's all we need.

Leatherworking Trainers

WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide

To start your Leatherworking venture, you need to turn into an Apprentice, which should be possible subsequent to arriving at Level 5 and talking with a Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide. These are spread all through the game and in each significant city. On the off chance that you need assistance discovering them, talk with a City Guard and they will disclose to you where to look.

Alliance Trainers

  • Randal Worth in Stormwind City.
  • Gretta Fine spindle in Ironforge.
  • Darianna in Darnassus.
  • Nadyia Maneweaver in Teldrassil
  • Adele Fielder in Elwynn Forest

Horde Trainers

  • Kamari in Orgrimmar.
  • Dan Golthas in Undercity.
  • Mak in Thunder Bluff.
  • Chaw Stronghide in Mulgore.
  • Shelena Rhobart in Tirisfal Glades.

Classic Leatherworking (Level 1 – 75)

1 – 20

19 Light Leather – 57 Ruined Leather Scraps

20 – 45

40 Light Armor Kit – 40 Light Leather

45 – 55

20 Handstitched Leather Cloak – 40 Light Leather, 20 Coarse Thread

55 – 75

50 Embossed Leather Gloves – 150 Light Leather, 100 Coarse Thread

Journeyman Leatherworking (Levels 75 – 125)

You should learn Jounreyman Leatherworking once you arrive at Level 75 to continue to advance. Lamentably, not everything Trainers can show you Journeyman Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide, so you'll have to track down an Expert Leatherworker. You will likewise should be in any event Level 10.

The Expert Trainers you can gain from are:


  • Simon Tanner in Stormwind City.
  • Faldron in Darnassus.
  • Fimble Finespindle in Ironforge.
  • Aayndia Floralwind in Ashenvale.


  • Arthur Moore in Undercity.
  • Karolek in Orgrimmar.
  • Pool in Thunder Bluff.
  • Sturdiness in Stranglethorn Vale.
  • Krulmoo Fullmoon in The Barrens.
  • Narv Hidecrafter in Desolace.

75 – 100

50 Embossed Leather Gloves – 150 Light Leather, 100 Coarse Thread

100 – 125

40 Fine Leather Belt – 240 Light Leather, 80 Coarse Thread

You ought to likewise attempt to make whatever number Cured Leather Hide as would be prudent, on the off chance that you have the materials to do as such.

Expert Leatherworking (Levels 125 – 205)

To turn into an Expert Leatherworker, you should be at any rate Level 20 and have your Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide up to 125. At that point you should visit an Expert Trainer: Telonis in Darnassus for Alliance, and Una in Thunder Bluff for Horde.

125 – 137

15 Dark Leather Boots – 60 Medium Leather, 30 Fine Thread, 15 Gray Dye

You can likewise make however many Dark Leather Belts as you can with the Fine Leather Belts and Cured Leather Hides from before to assist with this stage.

137 – 150

20 Dark Leather Pants – 240 Medium Leather, 20 Gray Dye, 20 Fine Thread

150 – 155

7 Heavy Leather – 35 Medium Leather

You can likewise make the accompanying formula that is sold by NPC's:

7 Heavy Leather Ball – 14 Heavy Leather, 7 Fine Thread

155 – 165

20 Cured Heavy Hide – 20 Heavy Hide, 60 Salt

Save these Cured Hides for some other time.

Weighty Hide has a beautiful low drop rate so be set up to pound for them.

165 – 180

15 Heavy Armor Kit – 75 Heavy Leather, 15 Fine Thread

180 – 190

10 Barbaric Shoulders – 80 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy Hide, 20 Fine Thread

190 – 200

10 Guardian Gloves – 40 Heavy Leather, 10 Cured Heavy Hide, 10 Silken Thread

Artisan Leatherworking (Levels 200 – 300)

WoW Classic Leatherworking Guide

Here we go, the last streth. To turn into an Artisanal Leatherworker, you should be at any rate Level 35 with your Classic WoW Leatherworking Guide up to 200. You will at that point need to talk with an Artisanal Trainer: Drakk Stonehand at Aerie Peak of the Hinterlands for Alliance and Hahrana Ironhide at Camp Mojache in Ferales for Horde.

200 – 205

7 Thick Armor Kit – 35 Thick Leather, 7 Silken Thread

205 – 235

40 Nightscape Headband – 200 Thick Leather, 80 Silken Thread

235 – 250

15 Nightscape Pants – 210 Thick Leather, 60 Silken Thread

250 – 265

25 Rugged Armor Kit – 125 Rugged Leather

265 – 290

28 Wicked Leather Bracers – 224 Rugged Leather, 28 Black Dye, 28 Rune Thread

You can get the example for Wicked Leather Bracers from Legashi Rogue in Azshara, who will drop them for you.

290 – 300

10 Wicked Leather Headband – 120 Rugged Leather, 10 Black Dye, 10 Rune Thread

The example can be gotten from Jadefire Trickster in Felwood.

Also, there you go. You've maximized your Leatherworking and have made some great stuff simultaneously. Presently go use it.

26 Apr 2021